Hi everyone and welcome to thefoodiepeople. Thank you for supporting my blog launch day. I really appreciate it.

On to some much needed introductions. Thefoodiepeople is a foodie blog which pretty much consists of relatively short dabbles like reviews and articles written by me. Now who am I?  For those who happened to stumble upon my blog and do not know who I am, my name is Hannah and I am a Singaporean studying in Vancouver. Currently I’m still wandering in Singapore searching for good food but when fall approaches I will be attending UBC in the land and food systems faculty. I hope you will be able to enjoy reading my posts and continue supporting my blog. This blog was created for the fun and joy of sharing different good food places with my friends out there. I will try my very best to update every Saturday and the material updated may vary. If there is a particularly high viewership in a certain category I might write more of those articles. Let me introduce some of the key features of thefoodiepeople to you guys!


First off, we have ‘the munching diaries’. Just like any other yelp app, thefoodiepeople prides itself in giving honest reviews on the different food places. As the ‘munching diaries’ consists of food reviews from different places all over the globe, it is broken down into three main categories. There is the Vancouver edition, the Singapore edition and the globe trotting edition. The globe trotting edition has reviews of food places from different cities from New York to Hong Kong. Whereas the other two are more specific in its location for food reviews.


In addition to restaurant reviews, thefoodiepeople also has recipe reviews under the category of ‘trial and error’ where different recipes are put to the test by yours truly. It will have suggestions regarding the alternative methods in which the food can be created and how the overall taste goes.


‘Ready… set… showdown…’ is used as a platform for putting similar restaurants against each other, comparing the different positives and negatives each of them have before seeing who the eventual winner is.

Last but not least, we have the ‘die die must try’ where I consolidate all my top favorite foodie hunts for the various food. All of them are rated three chopsticks and are of course, as named, die die must try.

Feel free to drop a comment to me on recommendations, ideas, opinions or anything really! I hope you guys will like my blog and thank you all for the support ❤


P.s. Special Thanks to my personal grammar police who helped me with the editing of this post (<3)


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