Dark Table (Vancouver) Review

“The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart.”

-Helen Keller 

As the hype would have it, I visited The Dark Table with my friends a few months back. (Yes I know I am a little late writing this review but better late than never yeah?) The Dark Table was truly a very unforgettable experience. Dining in the dark. These words probably don’t mean a lot to many but till one really experiences it, the words no longer just sound the same anymore, it has an elevated meaning to it.

Unlike most restaurants, there was no counter as you entered the restaurant, in fact, you had to wait in the designated area outside and make your orders before you enter the restaurant. From the moment you enter the restaurant, you are enclosed in darkness. It sounds simple but at that moment, I remembered being lost. Without vision, it felt as though I was thrown into a danger zone even though I had the prior knowledge that I would be dining in the dark, my mind still started whirling. My eyes probably realized it’s uselessness in keeping it open, it actually started hurting and closing my eyes was a better alternative because it didn’t feel so prickly and so close to tearing.

We were led to the table by a waiter in a line (just like how we used to do when we were children, with our hands on each other’s shoulders) As they guided us to our seats, we fumbled around before actually finding our seats. Since they had yet to serve our dishes, we had quite a while to acquaint ourselves with the culinary before us. Note that though we did have menus to choose our dishes, there starters and desserts were all mystery dishes, we only had the choice of our main, you could choose the surprise dish too. It is important to inform the front of the house what allergies you have though since the dish is a mystery.

The mystery starter came for one of my friends (the rest of us all ordered main + dessert) and the amusement began. Frankly I think going there with a bunch of your friends could be very entertaining. We had a lot of laughter that night since none of us could actually use our phones so we chatted and spent some technology free time together.

Before going to The Dark Table, I once read about this article that said that when one of your senses fails you, the others would be elevated. At The Dark Table, I realized how true that statement was. My tastebuds became much more sensitive to the taste of what the food were. The textures, the taste, the smell, my senses became more astute to what I was eating (probably also because I was dying to know what I was eating). Eating at The Dark Table though, is bound to be a messy challenge. You will realize that the amount of food that leaves the table somehow never tallies with what you ate simply because the food probably dropped somewhere on the way from leaving the plate to your mouth. If you are lucky, you dropped it back onto your plate. Unlucky and your outfits would be stained (IMPORTANT TIP: DO NOT WEAR WHITE. OR ANY VERY PRETTY ATTIRE)

I shan’t spoil the surprise by telling you what we ended up eating but the experience was probably one of my most memorable experiences eating with that bunch of friends. I must say that you should visit the Dark Table at least once in your life as you won’t regret it. Better yet, go with your friends and you can play with the food merry go round like we did (we tried ordering different dishes and drinks and sharing it around)

On a more serious note, some of my close friends are aware of this fact that well I do have a rather serious eyesight problem. This trip to Dark Table made me realize that my fear of loosing my eyesight was very real and it gave me the opportunity to better understand the pains of the blind members of the society. What seems easy to us, may be a huge effort for them. Don’t let them feel under appreciated.

P.s. technology was forbidden so as to achieve the full effect and experience so no photos my friends. (if you do go, please avoid using your phone in consideration of others!)


Food Taste- 6.5/10 (I had the shocking experience of eating a broccoli and well I dropped most of my food sadly- maybe they should invest in glow in the dark utensils? Although I’m not too sure if it will be poisonous O.O)

Ambience- 7/10 (I wish I could elaborate more about the atmosphere but all I can tell you is that it is 1. PITCH BLACK 2. Noisy. There are people talking in every direction so it trains your ability to recognize voices)

Location- 6/10 (I’m afraid it isn’t near the train station. We took a bus there but after dinner, the place is rather quiet so. You have been warned)

Pricing- $$

THREE CHOPSTICKS RANKING (Frankly the food gives a Two but the experience is invaluable.)


For those interested, here is their official page, yelp and zomato 🙂

Official || http://www.darktable.ca/about.html

Yelp || https://www.yelp.ca/biz/dark-table-vancouver

Zomato || https://www.zomato.com/vancouver/dark-table-kitsilano-vancouver

Featured Image = Absolute darkness 😉


P.s. Please ignore the terrible English. I just came back from a camp and I haven’t had much time to proofread this piece. XD




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