Kiseki Review

“Japanese Food Makes Me Feel Particularly Good.”

-David Mitchell

In all honesty I was in fact not planning on posting this review (given that it is literally fresh out of the oven→ I’m squeezing all my writing juices here) but one of my dearest friends requested that I post this particular review so here is my review on… Kiseki!


The first time I was introduced to Kiseki was when my teacher (now my godma) wanted to give me a birthday treat. At that time, I thought Kiseki was like a dream come true. With unlimited Sashimi (and they did have a rather wide range of sashimi selections at that time) and various types of teriyaki, this japanese buffet made my tummy a happy one. Following that visit, I visited Kiseki a total of 3 more times, twice before I left for Vancouver and once earlier this Monday.

I must say that Kiseki indeed has changed a lot since it’s start. For example, the sashimi corner no longer had so much variety. Previously, they had yellowtail and tuna sashimi available and also a special marinated Salmon sashimi. Although I admit that my default sashimi choice would usually be Salmon, I do know some people who absolutely adore Tuna sashimi. Furthermore, I thought that the marinated Salmon Sashimi (whilst a little oily in it’s marination) was a rather unique dish that I didn’t see elsewhere. What is left now in their Sashimi collection is Imitation Abalone, Octopus and Ebi. Salmon Sashimi was also available at request (they no longer leave it outside for customers to pick but they would prepare servings on plates that you can take freely (still unlimited thankfully) Okay, I admit that my taste buds have been spoilt by the freshness of the sashimi in Vancouver and sashimi in Singapore would somehow fall a little short. With that said, I must commend Kiseki because the Salmon Sashimi available there really does fall above average amongst Japanese restaurants in SIngapore. I could coin it a ‘worth your buck’ visit for my fellow sashimi lovers out there. The imitation abalone tasted really like regular imitation abalone, only it seemed to be bordering slightly on the salty side (but that may be just my own personal preference). The Octopus was interesting since I wouldn’t specially order it at a restaurant and Octopus sashimi is pretty rare at Japanese buffets in Vancouver. I suppose what always draws me into eating at Kiseki is the fact that when they say it’s a buffet, it really is, there is no limitations to the number of sashimi pieces you can order (unlike most Japanese buffets in Vancouver).

Moving on to the teriyaki, I noticed that the teriyaki selection also has had quite a drastic change since my visit a few years back. They used to do the teriyaki selections by orders (I vividly recall going with one group of my friends and ordering a little too much and so we had to stuff our faces full) However, now it goes by a ready made form where you can pick how much you want. This of course has it’s pros and it’s cons, you can take lesser (like just one piece if you wanted a sample) but it also means that it is sadly not freshly made. I also noticed that they no longer serve my grilled portobello mushrooms T_T. Those were the best really.

Another change made was the change in the mini hotpot. I must say that this change was the most disappointing. Both the ingredients and the broth changed. There used to be seafood with a saltier broth but was replaced with pork and a clear broth. Personally I missed the old broth although it contained seafood like prawns (which I was happy to give anyone else) I suppose there would be split opinions on the change of broth but I for one would have liked to have the old hotpot.

The last change that was quite shocking was the loss of the pizza. Yes eating pizza at a Japanese buffet may be a little odd and it may be a little waste of space (considering the amount of carbs it has) but I think the little kids loved it. In the past, I would see the little kids hogging the pizza station. Sadly, all that is left is sausages. A little sad I must say.

Old things gone, new things in. There were some new and rather fascinating things available. For example, they have a wider selection of fried items with things like french fries, crab claws etc (the crab claws seemed to be a huge hit amongst the customers). Also freshly in (or maybe I never noticed but now I do) is the takoyaki? It tasted decent, having the required elements but it just wasn’t fantastic. I regretted taking too many and filling myself up with too much carbs. As of what remains the same, the tempura, sushi, stir fry, salad bars all seemed to have retained it’s original outlook.

As for my favourite food picks? I would recommend trying the Chuka Idako (seasoned baby octopus), the Tempura and THE CHAWANMUSHI. Oddly enough the chawanmushi would be my go to food. I waited for around 3 rounds to get one cup. Whenever the Chawanmushi came, it was like as though a wave of people would sweep all of them away. Regrettably I only managed to eat one on my latest visit but boy was it yummy. I would also suggest having some watermelon, or choosing to get some salad if you don’t tend to eat so much regularly. Having a salad really helps balance the food and not make you feel overly stuffed and nauseous at the end.


Oh yes, my dessert bar seemed to have some changes too. They used to serve waffles but now they no longer do so (sadly) but they do have a rather cute selection of ice cream, cakes and jellies coupled with a chocolate fondue fountain. A warning though, the green ice cream is NOT matcha, it’s Wasabi! Have a little try and tell me how it goes? I fear that my wasabi levels would be severely challenged if I took some.


All in all Kiseki is a rather nice place to have lunch with your friends and bond over random things in life whilst having a decent Japanese buffet. It does have a comparatively wide selection and it doesn’t really hurt your wallet too much. (Around 23 bucks for a weekday lunch? I would say that price is agreeable) Furthermore it is convenient, just located in Orchard Central, the building next to 313 which hosts Somerset station (MRT). One thing to note though, booking a reservation might be ideal or else waiting in the queue can be pretty frightening.


Now that I have spilt all my beans on Kiseki, I need to head off and cook. Feel free to drop a comment on any special requests or opinions!


The link for Kiseki→


Food Taste- 8/10 (It’s decent, not fab but worth the price you pay.)

Ambience- 7/10 (It can be a little noisy. Plus the usual things happen at buffets- you know, when the food hasn’t been replaced and you really want them etc.)

Location- 9/10 (Just a short 5 min-ish walk from the MRT→ P.s. If you walk by orchard gateway, you don’t even need to worry about the rain!)

Pricing- $$


(I’m honestly sorry but I cannot justify my loss of portobello mushrooms and nice tasting hotpot T.T)


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