Schwartz’s Deli (Montreal) Review

“Food is for Taste. Happiness is taste of Life.”

-Kazeronnie Mark 

I think this food find that I am about to introduce is probably the most popular one and probably well known to almost every Canadian. It is… *Drumroll please* The Montreal Smoked Meat. Of course one of the most famous delis when one talks about smoked meat is the Schwartz’s. Tourists and locals alike flock to this tiny deli and queue up to an hour at peak times in search of this flavourful dish. Takeaways, Dine-ins, there is always a long line for this delight.

The deli itself is quite humble with no fancy decorations. It may not be the most beautiful restaurant in Montreal, yet loads of people head there because the food is just that good. The meat just simply falls apart in your mouth leaving a mouthwatering taste. Previously when I was there, I ordered a smoked meat sandwich and the poutine. The poutine was great but the smoked meat sandwich was undoubtly the star of the meal.

Sandwiched between two pieces of bread with a thin layer of mustard coating one side, the meat given was generous in it’s amount. I found myself wanting more even after finishing the entire bun and my tummy was bursting at it’s seams.

Eager to try out whether I could replicate (or somewhat replicate the taste of this dish, I bought the frozen pack and spices that the deli sold. The frozen pack was vacuumed packed and that was definitely a plus as it made it easy for me to bring it back to Vancouver.

Although it was a great pity when I tried to recreate the dish, I fell short of the standards of Schwartz. However, as the smoked meat was pre-done, it was very convenient as a packed lunch, as I just needed to defrost it and pack it as a sandwich and could heat it in school using a microwave. The spices were also very flavourful. They had varying spices available for different kind of meat and it did really work efficiently as a spice rub for the meat.

One important thing to note whilst there though is that they only accept cash which is a hassle for most Canadians since Canadians tend to travel cashless most of the time. Nonetheless, this place is superb place to get smoked meat. For all those meat lovers out there like me, you may just end up utterly in love with this quaint deli.  

To end of my usual reviews, a ranking!

Food Taste- 9/10 (Worth Every Single Penny)

Ambience- 6/10 (It’s pretty tiny and it’s not the kind of place that you can be expecting first class service-especially since you have to queue (in the heat during the summer and the cold in winter >.<) and reservations aren’t accepted.)

Location- 6/10 (Probably the easiest way to distinguish it is it’s long queue outside the restaurant. Frankly considered as an inconspicuous place with no train or bus stopping very near)

Pricing- $


This website will redirect you to the French page/ English page depending on your preferences →

P.s. I’m sorry I didn’t take photos of the delicious smoked meat 😦

Cover Photo Credits from the official Schwartz Deli Page 🙂


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