Gyu Kaku (Vancouver) Restaurant Review

“I was supposed to have a nice body for summer, but there is one small problem… I love food more than anything else…” – Relatables

Hey everyone and welcome back to the weekly saturday review and today’s spotlight is none other than Gyu Kaku (Vancouver edition). This treat is specially for one of my friends who read all of my reviews in a shot and eagerly hoped for a review on this Japanese BBQ Restaurant. According to my friend Google, Gyu Kaku boasts a fantastic international scope of having 800 restaurants all over the globe. Singapore, Thailand, Canada, Some States in United States and of course it’s home country, Japan just to name a few. With such an impressive resume of branch locations, let us zoom in on well the Gyu Kaku in Canada, Vancouver to be exact.

Back when I was in Singapore, many of my foodie friends have raved to me time and time again about this restaurant. Eager to try it out, I went there for my birthday celebration a few years back, blowing a whole three hundred over dollars just on one meal for four. Dumbfounded and thoroughly shocked by the price, one trip to Singapore’s Gyu Kaku was enough for my poor sulking wallet. (Let us save the SG Gyu Kaku experience for another post yeah, moving on…)

Sadly, the so called ‘fast’ did not last, when I went to Vancouver, I started to understand the appeal of Gyu Kaku. I mean 20 odd bucks for a decent BBQ, I wouldn’t deny that Gyu Kaku was not as pricy as I had always assumed it to be (maybe it is just the Singapore branches). Oh yes disclaimer before people start screaming at me, my 20 odd bucks calculation was done from the division of the Meat Lover’s set by 3. Yes we had 3 people sharing it so it did help to reduce the price tag. Back onto the actual food…

Through my few visits, I tried the Meat Lovers, the Shogun as well as the Matsuri Sets. Okay, if you were to bring people like me (whose appetite can be considered as a smaller than average), the number of people would be a bad gauge for it. Since there are carbohydrates given and the amount of protein is definitely enough to go around. I would recommend bringing one more person than the said number. Then again, you could always grill the meat and pack it to take home (although the tenderness will never be the same). What I like about Gyu Kaku Vancouver is that whilst the meat is the star, the sides have a very nice complimentary taste. The Corn with Butter and the Mushroom Medley are two of my loves. Plus I mean the most important thing about a BBQ is the sauce am I right? Secret tip, mix the sweet sauce with the chilli at a ratio of about 6 (sweet) : 4 (spicy) or the otherway around if you would like a slightly spicier kick. The Yuzu or was it Ponzu sauce… was not so much to my liking(?) but that is also because I don’t tend to favour sourer tastes.

Another piece of advice I would give is that unless you are looking for variety, ordering A la Carte may not be a bad idea either, especially if you know what you like (My top pick would be the Angus Beef Ribs). Whilst A la Carte might be a little pricier overall, it helps you avoid the meat that you aren’t keen on eating (Personally I didn’t think the spicy pork was all that great)

Furthermore there are discounts for the A la Carte Menu should you choose to go during their Happy Hour Promotion. Reservations are always useful or you might just end up waiting half an hour which was what happened to me once when I tried to go on impulse.

The benefits of having grill BBQ is that you can have the power to adjust how cooked you would like your beef to be. Sadly this power comes with a price though, having the privilege to cook also means that you will most slightly be smelling like a piece of BBQ-ed meat after dinner. Consider yourself warned. BBQ overall also has a tendency to fall on the saltier side with Gyu Kaku not exempt from this so daily BBQ fests are going to take a toll on your health (or at least your sodium levels) but who am I to spoil the fun? Enjoy some BBQ whilst summer is still here!

Here’s the link to the Gyu Kaku:

Just Click the Locations & Menus and choose your location to take a peek at the menu available!


Food Taste- 8/10 ($20++ bucks for a BBQ, an occasional splurge? YES. )

Ambience- 7/10 (One thing that does happen to me when eating there is I have yet to eat there and not see someone I know… odd eh since Vancouver is pretty huge… )

Location- 6/10 (Okay I admit, if I wasn’t brought by my friend the first time, I would be lost, completely, it is quite remote even though it IS in downtown and near granville street…)

Pricing- $$



Featured Pictures Credits to Gyu Kaku’s Official Page.


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