Miku Restraunt Review

“First We Eat, Then We Do Everything Else” 

-M.F.K. Fisher

After final exams ended (of course this calls f0r a celebration), my friends and I took off in hunt for good food and where did we end up? Based on the title, it’s quite apparent where we decided to grab our celebratory dinner at. Miku. I’ve only been t0 Miku twice but the allure of Miku seems to never fade.

Okay let’s start off with the breakdown of the menu. (I must put a disclaimer in here though: Miku Lunches and Dinners vary based on location. The one I went to was the one located at 200 Granville Street #70, Vancouver, BC V6C 1S4) With that said, let’s get back to my description of the delicious food you can get there. Miku specializes in Aburi and Oshi Sushi which means blow- torched and pressed sushi respectively. I admit, after a nasty experience with Aburi sushis, I was quite appalled by the idea of eating Aburi but luckily, I managed to conquer that fear for the Aburis at Miku’s are probably the best I’ve ever known.


On my first trip there, I tried the Miku Signature Selection, Sashimi Platter for 2 and the Salmon Sashimi whereas on my second trip, I was not so hungry and just got a Aburi Sushi Sampler.

The Miku Signature Selection is a varied selection of various traditional and Aburi Nigiri (the sushi with just the ingredient on top of the rice), oshi sushis (pressed sushis) as well as the specialty rolls. For anyone giving Miku the first try, this would probably be what I would reccommend because you could get a taste of quite a number of items Miku has to offer . Some of the sushis featured in the Signature Selection is the Salmon Oshi sushi, Sunrise Roll, Ebi (Prawn) Nigiri, Aburi Yellow Tail Nigiri and many more.


Another option for a less hearty eater is the Aburi Sushi Sampler. With 5 sushi pieces, it is pretty much the minature version of the Miku Signature Selection which has 10 sushi pieces.  The Aburi Sushi Sampler had the Aburi Yellowtail, Scallops, Sunrise Roll, Salmon Oshi Sushi and the Ebi Oshi Sushi.


Whilst the Sashimi platter and the Salmon sashimi was indeed fanatastic at it’s own right, I think that it pales in comparison to the wide selection of sushis available.

Miku has commonly been a place with a chic, high- class vibe to it. With most patrons being business professionals, it is of no surprise as to why it emits such a vibe.


To conclude! A ranking time!!

Food Taste- 9/10 (One of the BEST sushi places available)

Ambience- 8.5/10

Location- 7.5/10 (There is a gorgeous view of the waterfront but only if you get the window seats)

Pricing- $$$

Here’s the official website for those interested in swinging by to try –> http://mikurestaurant.com/


Sorry for the Crappy Photo Quality I have no idea what happened ><


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