Cafe Galilee Review

“Don’t Study Hard, Study Smart.”


Hey guys, I’m back once again with a review for you guys! It seems as though July has literally flown by and exam season is once again fast approaching (in Singapore) and if I’m not wrong in Vancouver final exams are also just a blink away (or have they ended…). However, unlike Vancouverians who will be having their long awaited summer break whilst Singaporeans sadly have already had our month long summer break. Either ways, back to the topic of reviews, I thought why not write a review on the place that most of us are holed up in during exam prep. Of course, it is none other than the LIBRARY! Well more specifically Cafe Galilee that seems to be a friend of libraries (because I’ve only seen them in the Library setting)

Honestly the idea to have a cafe in the library is probably one of the best marketing ideas ever. As food gives a comforting presence during the long hours of studying (and keeps our eyes a centimeter more open too), it comes as to no suprise why Cafe Galilee would be pulling in big bucks. On average the prices can be considered slightly average to any other Cafe in Canada but with drinks available from 70 cents onwards in Singapore, the 5-6 bucks a drink does seem a little pricy for a day to day basis. To counter that problem, Cafe Galilee does offer the Cool Card and a Warm Card which does help cut down the prices slightly especially for those repeated visitors. I can’t recall how much each drink costs if you buy a warm card (I’m sorry) but I think a drink costs about $4.20 with the Cool Card (available for 5 drinks although you have to pay the lumpsum of the 5 drinks at one go). Whilst it still may not be considered a cheap option, it is does allow you to save a buck or two from each drink.

Personally my favourite drinks from the menus are the tea freezes? First off, I’m more of a tea person rather than a coffee person (coffee tends to get me very hyper for a very long time- and it would be more likely to cause me to feel drowsy the next day since I wouldn’t be able to sleep well that night) and the second reason is probably just because I do like the fruits they use for their tea freezes. The Peach Tea Freeze is more smooth with less of a residual texture whereas the Orange one does have bits and pieces of fibre in the drink. So it really depends on what kind of drink you like.

Orange Tea Freeze (L) & Peach Tea Freeze (R)

I have also heard positive reviews on the Milkshakes. So far I have only managed to try the Apple one if I am not wrong (sorry for the failure in remembering the names and the Cafe Galilee website doesn’t have the full selection sadly) Whilst the overall taste is a not too bad, you really do have to like your milk to finish the entire thing. I admit I am not really a milk girl either and I am very, very, VERY fussy about my apples so despite giving it an overall okay, I know I wouldn’t be trying that again. The apples were more of the sappy kind and I only like crunchy apples if it makes sense.


Apple Milkshake

Oh yes, the Honey Lemon. MHMMMMM. I liked it. It is one of the cheaper items on the menu of drinks so if you do buy a cool card, yes it does let you save a few pennies but as I said, it’s pennies and not dollars which would be what you will be saving if you got the energy boosters or smoothies. A clear not blended fluid, extremely suitable for people who hate crushed ice or tend to get brain freezes really easily, the honey lemon does give you a sweet kick and since it is honey, you don’t need to worry about getting a sore throat from the stress! It is though a tinge on the sweet side so consider yourself warned!


Honey Lemon

Mocha Ice Blended was the last drink I think I had from my cool card. As I said, I don’t tend to buy coffee or chocolate flavoured drinks so this one actually was for my mom. I tried a bit and found it rather interesting. It tastes quite similar to a mocha frapp which you can get from starbucks. With the blend of coffee, cream, chocolate and ice, I suppose this is would be a fan favourite to some. To put it bluntly, there is nothing very special about it, but it certainly doesn’t taste terrible. Plus I is slightly more affordable than a grande starbucks right? (with the cool card discount and everything)


Mocha Frap

Snacks Snacks Snacks. When I was still studying in Singapore, Cafe Galilee was my haunt. Literally since one of the staff members of the cafe from my usual library can actually recognize me. I used to order the onion rings, loving the ratio of the batter to the onion rings. It really is one of the best onion rings around that I have tasted in Singapore. Another one which I tried out was the chicken bits (it looks a little like popcorn chicken only in a bigger scale). I would say it tastes okay but I would still stick with my onion rings.


Chicken Bits

Another tip that I can give is that you can make friends with the server. As I mentioned earlier, my repeated visits made the staff recognize me and there was once they gave me a student price for a meal which made it much more affordable. I am not too sure if they still do have this promotion going on as it is quite a while back and they did tell me that there was a specific time that the offer lasts, but feel free to check it out and well, if it is still going on, you got yourself a good deal there!

Here comes the grand finale, the part where I am sure most people are interested in, the rankings!

Food Taste- 6.5/10 (When you’re craving for food but have to study, this place would be your prayers answered but it does still pale in comparison to the other possible good food you can get out there)

Ambience- 7/10 (It really depends on the time you go and which branch you are at and occasionally there are those people who are quite inconsiderate by talking really loudly, I mean it is a cafe and you can talk, just no need for the shouting yeah?)

Location- 7/10 (I think most libraries have this cafe at least most of the bigger ones :))

Pricing- $



Featured Picture courtesy of the Cafe Galilee Website (


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