Jabistro Review

Last summer, I went touring around the different provinces in Canada, hopping along Toronto (Ontario), Montreal (Quebec), Edmonton (Alberta). My mom was so excited towards visiting these places that she searched for the restaurants with rave reviews and shortlisted the few that we should eat. Coincidentally, one of my foodie friends just came to Vancouver after studying in Ontario for quite a while and suggested a whole list of places that we should try out in our food hunt. According to my friend, the sushi at this place was to die for. Any takers on guessing what this place is?

Jabistro is the answer! The reservation process was admittedly a little more complex than what we assumed it to be (we decided to call two days in advance for dinner reservations) but only to find out that this place was so popular that all reservation spots were booked and they told us to try walk- ins. Left with no other choice, we decided to head down to Jabistro for an early dinner. (Note: Jabistro opens for dinner at 5pm) Originally we thought that we were the only group to arrive so early, right on its opening time but alas, there were other people there for early dinners too. Thankfully, we managed to get a seat after assuring the waitress that we would be able to vacate after an hour.

We tried out the wagyu oshizushi, JaBistroll as well as the Sampler Sashimi Platter. I must admit, I have never tasted such delicious Sashimi ever. On normal days, I tend to be a little more conservative and stick to either Salmon Sashimi. An adventure to me would be trying out Tuna. However, I fell in love when I tried their Sampler Sashimi. The Sashimi pieces seemed to melt in your mouth with freshness at it’s very best. The Wagyu Oshizushi was pressed wagyu beef sushi. It had a very unique taste as most sushis tend not to use wagyu beef. The JaBistroll was a blend of different seafood like salmon, snow crab and uni. The delicate balance was captured very well in the roll and it left me longing for more.

I probably should not compare a good restraunt against another but Jabistro overall seemed like the Toronto version of a Miku. Whilst it ranges on the pricy side with each roll being about 20 CAN, it was worth every penny. However, I must say that I felt that Jabistro did a much better job on the Sashimi in comparison to Miku which is a little fascinating given Vancouver is a city close to the sea but Miku wins with it’s variety of different rolls available. Nonetheless, both restraunts are great in their own right and visiting either would be a treat for your taste buds.

As usual, to end off, a ranking of this unforgettable taste experience.

Food Taste- 9/10 (Same as Miku, a taste to remember)

Ambience- 8/10 (It is slightly small but given that it is located in Toronto’s downtown, a space like that would probably be quite expensive)

Location- 7/10 (I don’t recall it being located near the bus or train station. If you do know do leave a comment and I’ll be sure to rectify it.)

Pricing- $$-$$$

The official website with all the menus available for anyone interested –>  http://www.jabistro.com/index.php


No photos by me I’m sorry. They all had such bad lighting that I felt so ashamed to post them TT



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